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Discover an Oasis of desert paradise where the sand meets the sea in one of the world 's most famous kitesurf locations. Make the most of what’s on offer with an action packed, activity filled adventure holiday.

What’s in a name ? – OASIS212 (Two One Two) combines the elements of the Saharan Desert with all things Moroccan. When calling Morocco from overseas we dial +212 to reach home and we’d like to share that feeling of belonging with you.

The wind statistics in Dakhla are ideal for all levels of kitesurfing and guarantee you to have an extraordinary trip. The magic comes with the steady wind that blows all year round, dominated by wet and cool winds from the northern area with an average yearly velocity of 27 kph (17 mph)
Ride on!
With its hundreds of kilometers of golden beaches deserted and sandy, opening on the Atlantic. Dakhla offers you the ideal formula: An average water temperature of 20 °C (68 °F), a lagoon with perfectly smooth water, and tides
perfect for swimming!
Dakhla is one of those welcoming destinations all year round, with beautiful sunshine and a pleasant atmosphere, in all seasons. During the year, the temperature generally varies from 15°C to 25°C
Did we say pleasant?
  • January 22°/14°
  • February 21°/14°
  • March 22°/16°
  • April 22°/16°
  • May 23°/17°
  • June 24°/18°
  • July 25°/19°
  • August 26°/20°
  • September 26°/20°
  • October 26°/20°
  • November 25°/18°
  • December 23°/16°

OASIS212 : Your Exclusive Camp on the World's Best Kitesurf Lagoon

OASIS212 is located shoreside of one of the world’s best kitesurf lagoons, facing across the water towards the city of Dakhla. It’s close enough to fly to and yet another world away from the crowds. Your home for the duration of your stay is situated on 160 000 m2 of beautiful coastal desert with the entirety of the beach as private access making it your own personal haven. You’ll find your stay is like you’re a world away.

Moroccan-Inspired Wooden Cottages, Spacious and Ideal for 4 People

OASIS212 Cottages

Constructed out of wood and finished using traditional Moroccan made furnishings, our cottages offer a natural warmth and charm. Each cottage is an unrivalled 60 sqm with accommodation for up to 4 people.

Indulge in Authentic Moroccan Flavors at Our Gourmet Restaurant

OASIS212 is a destination for passionate food lovers, offering a gastronomic tour of Morocco with its unrivalled gourmet restaurant and menu. Tantalise your taste buds with a modern take on authentic flavours cooked with passion and flare.

High-Flying Adventures : Elevate Your Kitesurfing Skills with Top-of-the-Line Gear and Expert Guidance at Our Kite School


Our kite school is powered by cutting edge equipment from North – we only offer the best. Plus, our highly qualified team is on hand throughout your stay to help organise the best kite experience for you.

Book at OASIS212 : A luxurious wellness program and embark on a tailor-made journey


Embark on a healing journey by booking one of our luxurious wellness programs.

Tailor-made to you and your needs, it’s the ultimate way to treat yourself.

Our aim is that during your stay we can help you detoxify and rejuvenate your body so that you leave OASIS212 feeling invigorated with your physical health and mental well-being restored.

Fishing Differently: An Unforgettable Sea Adventure at OASIS212


Welcome to fishing paradise at OASIS212, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Sahara to create a seascape unlike any other in the world. At OASIS212 Hotel, we pride ourselves on offering you much more than a relaxing seaside break; we invite you to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean and experience moments of pure adrenaline thanks to our exciting fishing adventure.


eco friendly

Here at OASIS212 we offer an ecological approach to hospitality, taking simple steps to ensure our guests have an amazing desert discovery year after year.

We aspire to protect the natural surrounding environment. Our aim is to work in harmony with the desert by harnessing its unlimited natural resources.


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